Welcome to M/s.Hindustan Organisation

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Who we are

We are the Indian associates of our parent company M/s.Hindustan Organisation. We entered the Indian market in 2006, starting with one location, and have expanded to over many distributorship located in various cities across India. We are a wholesale distribution company selling merchandise to consumer. Merchandisers who develop their business can become Owners of their own wholesale distribution company. We are doubling our turnover every 2 years with a target to create a strong platform in the world of marketing industries.

Where We Get Our Merchandise

We obtain our products from M/s.Hindustan Organisation wholesale distributing company. M/s.Hindustan Organisation is one of the few companies in India that will consign merchandise, allowing distributors to pay for it after it is sold to the consumer. M/s.Hindustan Organisation can provide lower prices because it buys in large quantities.

How Someone Gets Involved

A person arranges an appointment with a local owner who explains how the business works. The prospective merchandiser then goes out for a day of observation with an experienced trainer to see exactly what is invloved. A person can begin consigning merchandise after the observation day. If the person is not interested, then there is no obligation to continue. There is absolutely no cost invloved.

Who is Involved

All types of people, of all different ages, and all types of background and abilities, are involved as merchandisers. What these people have in common is the desire to run their own business, set their own hours, help others succeed, and earn a good income. People who succeed as merchandisers are those who are self-starters, can take on responsibility and follow through, and who are good organizers, can get along with people, and are not afraid to work hard.